' L'intelligence collective se construit dans l'action partagée ' 

Peter Senge


Irene Arroupe

Founder & MD at

BE INNOV and Agile Minded


For 18 years, I have been in charge of projects and programs dealing with innovation management - specifically Open Innovation -, Business Development, client relationship and partnerships and alliances. Working closely working with multidisciplinary teams in matrix environment, my main focus has always been to MEET STAKEHOLDERS' SPECIFIC NEEDS, whether collaborators, clients or partners

The questions on which I concentrate are: What are we trying the reach? WHY are we initiating the work / change? What is at stake? WHAT’s the purpose? What value do we seek? WHO’s involved? What’s the mindset like?

Then the “How?” will come

Involved at both national and international level, I enjoy the challenge of supporting small to large companies, in various business sectors within manufacturing and services


  • Engineer CPE-Lyon

  • Agile coach

  • Innovation Management diploma (Kedge KB)

  • Scrum master certification
  • SAFe® certification

  • Trained on collective intelligence methodology and technics

  • Trained in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and transactional analysis (TA)


  • French Tech member

  • Eklore association

  • TBSeeds incubateur & member of the jury at TBS (Toulouse Business School)

  • Member of groups: The Hacktivateurs, Facilit’ON, Agoragile...


I work with a GROUP OF PROFESSIONALS convinced that the future of organizations depends on their willingness and ability to work in a collaborative approach and to embrace challenges in a holistic and agile way


Leveraging on our large multidisciplinary experience and a proven track-record in solving both organizational and human challenges, we strive to support our clients in (re)discovering their value and devising optimal solutions

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Our mission is to foster innovation and collaborative work to facilitate business transformation

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